The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About Calling Out Fake Fangirls |

The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About Calling Out Fake Fangirls |

I’m going to geek out a little here. Apparently, it’s now a thing for con goers to complain that women who engage in cosplay* are “fake geek girls”. Comic artist Tony Harris even went on an extended rant on Facebook about it:

“… according to a LOT of average Comic Book Fans who either RARELY speak to, or NEVER speak to girls. Some Virgins, ALL unconfident when it comes to girls …”

“… if ANY of these guys that you hang on tried to talk to you out of that Con? You wouldnt give them the fucking time of day. Shut up you damned liar, no you would not. Lying, Liar Face.”
So, Harris’ biggest argument that these women aren’t real geeks is because they are too good looking? That’s not only insane, that’s insulting.

This is Tony Harris. Obviously, he’s a good judge of who is good looking.

Seriously? People like Harris actually want to chase women out of geekdom because they are too attractive? He thinks this is a bad thing?

Harris continues on his rant, complaining that cosplayers are just there to tease men they would never talk to outside of a con and that they don’t actually know anything about comics. How he knows that cosplayers don’t know anything about the characters they dress up as is a mystery. Has he taken a poll?Setting aside the idiocy of him knowing about these (or any) women think or know, do we really want to start judging who is a “true geek”? I love science fiction and fantasy. I still enjoy comics. On the other hand, I’m not a video gamer. I don’t even own an Xbox or a Wii or any other game console? Does that mean I’m not a true geek?

Geeks have enough issues being judged without starting to judge each other.

If this keeps up, we’ll soon be confused with the republicans.

*Dressing up in costumes of comic book characters like Wonder Woman or Power Girl.

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