Chris Wallace on the Passing of His Dog

I’m not a huge fan of Chris Wallace, but this touching tribute was something I felt needed to be shared.

We had to put our Bichon. Rosie, down three years ago. She was thirteen. She had a long history of epilepsy and one day, she had the final seizure and never fully recovered. Her brain was damaged and she could no longer eat or walk. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I ever had to do, even though it was clearly the merciful and loving thing to do.

The other day, one of the guys who works at my gym brought his dog to work: A chocolate-colored pit bull named Reggie. Everyone knows that breed has a reputation for aggressiveness, but Reggie had one of the sweetest dispositions I’ve ever seen. After I pet him for a few minutes, he ran behind the desk and then returned with his rope toy, obviously wanting me to play with him.

Reggie was a rescue dog. His owner told me they found him tied to a stop sign downtown. He’d been tied there for a while and was emaciated from hunger. Fortunately, Reggie had been adopted by someone who nursed him back to health. It break my heart to see this dog from a so-called “dangerous breed” who had been so cruelly abandoned and instead of lashing out, all he wanted to do was play tug-of-war with me.

Cats tolerate us. Horses obey us. All other domesticated animals are at best, indifferent towards us. But dogs are the only animal that we’ve successfully bred to love us. Even when we don’t deserve it.

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