Terrible Songs

I’m at the convenience store and over there PA systems comes that old Chris Egan/Stevie Nicks song, “Magnet and Steel”. This is one of the most gawdawful songs ever written. I know, picking one song Stevie Nicks song as particularly bad is like riding the coarsest grain of sand on the beach. They’re all really bad, but this one is especially awful. Wanting to throat punch a random stranger bad (don’t call the police, I assure I did not throat punch the cashier).

Not only does it have that cloying style that love songs from the 70s put on to try to sound airy and profound, but could they possibly have found a more clunky metaphor? You’re attracted to her like steel is attracted to a magnet? Really? Did that really impress women at one time? Being compared to curved metal bar that can used to pick up tacks? That’s almost guaranteed to ensure you never get laid.


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