University of Phoenix faces probation

University of Phoenix faces probation

via University of Phoenix faces probation.

University of Phoenix faces probation

This is interesting. For profit universities like the University of Phoenix are sometimes controversial, especially in higher levels of academia. However, for many students, they are a viable option for learning while working full time. Phoenix is facing declining enrollment and may now be put on “probation” by it’s accrediting agency, which will put it at a further competitive disadvantage.

Does this bode ill for the for-profit college industry or not?

A warning to college profs from a high school teacher

A warning to college profs from a high school teacher.

Reposting the comment I posted on LinkedIn:

I think it’s obvious that No Child Left Behind has had the opposite of its intended effect. Like many of the other adjuncts here, I’ve seen students who were clearly unprepared for college. Ironically, I’ve found the older students, the ones who haven’t set foot inside a classroom in years, are better prepared in basic skills like note taking and time management than the ones fresh out of high school.

Last semester, I taught a course on professional issues relating to the environment. The assignment I gave was pretty simple: Look up a single employer and do an oral presentation about what they do and whom they hire. Pretty much all they had to do was point their browsers at the company’s website. Half the class begged me for more time!

So, what is the solution? I don’t see any alternative except scrapping NCLB It’s a terrible law that only teaches students how to darker circles on a scan sheet. After a decade, this program is deeply entrenched in Washington and repealing it will be extremely difficult in the current climate, but it must be done. Teachers on all levels, K-12 and college need to contact their representatives and tell them how counterproductive this law is.

Rise of the Machines

A robot for every job |

Meet Baxter, the latest in a line of industrial robots that will take yur jerb!

Industrial robots and automation have been changing manufacturing for decades now. And with every new innovation, we always have this doom and gloom about how robots are going to destroy all the manufacturing jobs. This of course, ignores the main reason US manufacturing jobs have declined in recent decades: Cheap overseas labor that’s willing to work for low wages and difficult conditions. Conditions that are so bad, manufacturers have to instal suicide prevention nets for when the workers finally do break.

Robots are changing the face of manufacturing, it’s true. And the advent of automobile put buggy whip makers out of work. Workers are going to be retrained. People are going to be needed to build, install, and maintain the robots and do the things robots can’t do.

But none of that will matter unless we as a society stop rewarding companies in their race to the bottom in working conditions with countries like China.