Dispatches from Crazy Town: Skeetgate

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past few years, you know that President Obama cannot release a single photo of himself without some nutbar claiming that it was photoshoped. The latest occurred after the Obama was asked in an interview with the New Republic if he’d ever fired a gun. His response was that he has gone skeet shooting at Camp David “all the time”. Now, if we lived in a sane world, that would have been the end of it.

Of course, America has become Crazy Town, which means the media immediately clamored for photographic evidence of the president actually firing a gun.

And they did:

And they didn’t disappoint. Almost as soon as the picture was release, the internets exploded with conspiracy theories. Just like with the birth certificate, suddenly, the web was aflame with photoshop “experts” who proved that the picture was faked.

I’m surprised Trump didn’t offer to donate $5 million to charity if Obama released the “original” photo.

This one is particularly laughable given that it would probably be easier to just hand the president a gun and take a pic of him shooting it than it would be to go through the trouble of photoshopping it.


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