Eric Erickson is a horrible human being.

This is the tweet Erickson sent in response to a store clerk at a Dollar General Store being arrested for beating an eight year old child with a belt. The clerk allegedly struck the child 25 times because the kid threw a cookie at her after the clerk called the kid names. Let’s break this down:

  1. The clerk was making fun of an eight year old. That’s unprofessional and stupid.
  2. The kid threw a cookie at her. Okay, the kid was acting up here, but he’s eight.
  3. The clerk beat the child with a belt.

I’ll stipulate that the parents should have every right to admonish and discipline their child for throwing a cookie. But that’s their responsibility. Here’s the part Erickson doesn’t seem to understand: If a child misbehaves, no one has the right to beat them two dozen times with a belt. That’s abuse. And the kid is not even her child! Sorry, you don’t get to beat someone else’s child. Adults are supposed to be adults. Beating a child in a store is a crime. You commit a crime, you go to jail.

Erickson thinks this behavior deserves a medal?

He is a horrible, horrible human being.

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