Storefront Science

Storefront Science, First of its Kind, Offers Science Camps for Children Ages 4-12; Learn Science While Having Fun in a Montessori-like Experience.

Storefront Science is a place where kids can not only see science in action, but touch it and explore it. They’re got robotics programs and biological exhibits.

Kids are natural scientists. I firmly believe this. They are curious about everything and want to see how things fit together and how they work. If only our school system didn’t drain all that curiosity and inquisitiveness out of them.

Building bridges, exploring electronic circuits, and examining their own cells under a microscope are just a few of the things kids learn to do at camps run at Storefront science.

Says 10-year old Jack, “I learned how to take my own DNA from inside my cheek; then I studied it and carried it around in a necklace for the rest of the day. I never knew science could be this much fun!”

That’s what science should be. Fun! On the surface, it doesn’t seem like that difficult of an idea: Engage their natural curiosity and let them play at building stuff. That’s not something that can be measured on a standardized test.

But it will probably produce more future scientists and engineers than teaching kids how to darken a circle on a scan sheet.

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