Banana Man Believes in Fossils


‘Don’t Christians believe in fossils?’.

Ray Comfort, best known for getting the history of banana cultivation completely wrong, was us all to know that he believes in fossils. He made a special trip to the Museum in Paris and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington and saw fossils there. He just didn’t see any evidence of evolution.

Of course I believe in fossils, but I don’t believe in the unobservable bogus science called “evolution,” of which there is no empirical evidence. Anything that is said to be evidence always necessitates faith. I don’t believe, because I’m a skeptic when it comes to evolution.

So, in other words, because Banana Man doesn’t find evidence for evolution believable even when it’s staring him right in the face, evolution is therefore false. This is known as the “argument of incredulity” logical fallacy. It’s been Ray’s stock in trade for years. He and his acolyte, Kirk Cameron, have been misrepresenting information and even the basic principles of the theory of evolution. The most famous example of this is their claim that the theory of evolution predicts that somewhere, there had to have been a creature such as a crocoduck.

‘Don’t Christians believe in fossils?’

To say Ray has no credibility on this issue is a massive understatement. That he can look at the fossils in a museum display and not see the obvious indicates he is either willfully ignorant or simply dishonest.

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