Press Conference of Shame

This week, Anthony Weiner held the traditional press conference of shame. In his case, this is his second relating to the sexting scandal. As is traditional in the press conference of shame, his wife, Huma Abedin, stood by his side. She played the role of “The Good Wife” very well. I have to wonder what was going through her mind as she stood in front of all those cameras and microphones. What was she thinking about as he humiliated both of them in front of the whole world?

Was she thinking about how just last year, she was a high ranking aide in the State Department? Did she pause to think about how she’s a close confident of someone who could very well be the first woman president (One who has had her own share of public marital problems to deal with)? Did she wonder, “Why am I hanging with this schmuck, who already blew it as a Congressman and whose chances of becoming mayor of America’s largest city just fell to zero? In a few years, I could be on a short list for a cabinet position, why am I chaining myself to this narcissistic idiot?”?

Just once, in one of these press conferences of shame, I’d love to see the wife kick him in the balls and walk off. I guarantee, no one would stop her.

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