Snakenami! Or, Snakes on a Wave!

Hollywood has given the greenlight to a sequel to Sharknado, but I was thinking, instead of just doing sharks in a tornado again, why not branch out and do other combinations of predators and disasters?

Here are the requirements:

1) The title must be a combination of a predator and a natural disaster.
2) It must star at least one 90s or 80s has-been.
3) The less scientific plausibility, the better.


Snakenami! Starring Dean Cain and Shannon Doherty:

Premise: Offshore drilling destabilizes an underwater fault, triggering a series of quakes which in turn causes several tsunamis. One passes over the Amazon, picking up thousands of anacondas. It also destroys an illegal chemical dump, releasing tons of an experimental growth hormone into the Atlantic. Another tsunami carries the now giant constrictors to Miami. It’s up a Coast Guard officer (Cain) and a university herpetologist (Doherty) to evacuate the city’s flooded streets before the gargantuan snakes kill everyone at the Miami Sound Machine Reunion concert.

What’s your idea?

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